Aleya Kirby

me in my natural habitat

My name is Aleya, but my nickname is Pooh. I am a single mother with a wonderful son named Christian. I’ve spent all my life in the peach state (Georgia). I want to be able to move and discover the world freely with Christian. I’m constantly looking for an adventure, something enjoyable to do that makes me happy. My pet peeve is being told what I can’t do because I can do and be anything that makes me happy.

Things I Love

Some of my favorite shows I’ve finished: Blood+, Rosario + Vampire, Soul Eater, and The World Only God Knows.

Spongebob is without a doubt my favorite cartoon of all time. Here is my ranking of my favorite television networks. #1 Cartoon Network, #2 Adult Swim, #3 Disney Channel, and #4 Nickelodeon.

I love to laugh. I enjoy any comedy tv shows, movies, or stand-up shows. Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, and Kevin Hart are among my favorite comedians.

Cute Things
I’m a sucker for anything cute and girly. I saw a picture of beetle cars with daisy rims (seen below) and now I really want one. It’s my destiny. I like cute patterns, such as the one on my blouse in the photo above. I enjoy pastel hues because they are so soft and lovely.

Pizza: pepperoni & jalapeno pepper toppings or buffalo sauce & grilled chicken.
Wings: hot & honey hot + philly cheesesteak combo

Any game that lets me personalize the main character, my home, and the world is a bonus in my book. So you can already guess that The Sims is my all-time favorite video game. I own and play The Sims 2 – 4 on PC almost every day.

Good Conversation
As previously stated, I love to laugh. I like making jokes, sharing memes, and being random.

Some of my favorite genres, as stated by my Spotify playlist, are R&B, Rap, Soul, Reggae, and Pop.

I admire nature’s beauty, but not all of the creatures that inhabit it. Anything that lives outside and flies, crawls, jumps, or slithers is a no for me dawg.

I’m not a professional, but as you can see, I’m not an amateur either.

Working Out
Stretching | Yoga | Pilates

I sometimes think I relax a little too much. I like to chill. However, chilling is no longer as simple with a two-year-old who doesn’t know how to.

Scary Movies/TV Shows
This one is my dad’s fault. We used to watch scary movies together all the time, but he’s gotten to the point where he says “nope!” He claims to have bad dreams. I can honestly say that I get paranoid real bad lol. American Horror Story is my favorite horror show.

To be honest, I consider any trip outside of my house to be “travelling”.


I like taking fun personality quizzes, so here are some answers to the ones that I’ve done.

Am I overly concerned with my appearance?
Result: I’m low-maintenance.

Am I a party animal or a party pooper?
Result: Up for a party!

Am I a couch potato or a hot potato?
Result: Highly active.

What type of parent am I?
Result: An authoritative parent.

Am I a social butterfly or Hermit Crab?
Result: A butterfly in chrysalis!

What About You?

Let me know a little about you. Introduce yourself in the comments and I’ll make sure to respond. Also, if you have a website, please leave it in the comments so I can show some love. Thanks for taking the time to read this page!

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