Keep Your Home Cozy and Beautiful in January with these 4 Tips

After Christmas, we often put away all of our cozy and colorful home décor, which makes the house look empty and somber. With these 4 tips you can continue to keep the warmth of the season even after Christmas.

1. Leave Some Greenery Out

You can use the greenery from your Christmas trees and garlands as a decoration in the winter months after you remove the Christmas ornaments and lights from them.

2. Consider Bright, White Décor

Right after Christmas, when you want your home décor to seem fresh and bright – much like your view on the new year – white is the perfect color to use!

3. Include Soft, Comfortable Fabrics

The winter month would benefit greatly from the presence of your plush, fluffy blankets and cushions.

4. Add Wooden Accents

Adding some wood to your design creates lovely accents that are both wintery and rustic in appearance.

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Post Inspired By: The DIY Mommy

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